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    The UKRBAG company with more than 10 years of experience in the production of polypropylene bags and polyethylene liners offers buy big bags . Our experience guarantees high quality and timely delivery.

    Big bags are used for storage and transportation of dry bulk and granular materials. Big bags are acceptable for both food and non-food products. Specially sewn runs can be used to transport containers with liquids.

    Unlike other containers, polypropylene big bags have a number of advantages:

    Big bags

    A big bag is a soft container made of durable polypropylene fabric and designed for a carrying capacity of 300-3000 kg. Literally translated “Big bag” means a big bag, but visually it looks like a large bag with handles (slings).

    The assortment offers big bags of various configurations and carrying capacities, designed for different purposes of application in terms of technological features of loading, transportation and the type of products transported in them.

    By design, polypropylene big bags differ:

    All our products comply with the international standard ISO 21898-2004, as well as the UN requirements for the transport of dangerous goods. At the request of the customer, we can apply four-color marking on the bags according to the presented layout or developed by our designers, as well as the necessary information.

    Big bags wholesale

    UkrBeg offers polypropylene big bags of various designs and configurations in all regions of Ukraine and the CIS countries. Having placed an order in our company, the client receives the goods quickly, safe and sound. In addition, if you order a big bag in bulk , the price will be much lower.

    We always have a stock of the most popular types of flexible containers in our warehouse, so we can start cooperating with any customer, immediately arranging supplies in the required volumes. Standard big bags will be ready for delivery within 24 hours.

    If necessary, we will arrange the production of the necessary products according to individual patterns with any logos. Having our own production facility equipped with modern equipment, we are able to produce exactly the kind of bags that the customer requires.

    Deliveries are made in packs of several bags in UKRBAG packaging, while the complete set is observed, the presence of inserts is already inside the bags.

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