Liner-Bag – universal packaging for transportation of bulk cargo

The UkrBag company is the largest enterprise in Ukraine that produces soft polypropylene containers. Our packaging is presented in the following variations:


Our company strictly adheres to the standards and instructions for the production of flexible containers, carries out constant quality control at all stages of production in independent laboratories. In addition, the liner bags are randomly tested at special stands, where their strength, resistance to ultraviolet radiation and temperature extremes are checked.

Each container has its own registration number with information about the manufacturer and the packer, thereby minimizing product rejects. Our company is responsible for the quality of the manufactured packaging, allowing customers to reduce their losses and risks from the transportation of goods.

Scope of use

Wagon liner is widely used in food, chemical, agricultural, construction industries, as well as agriculture.

Multilayer packaging is made from:

The protective shell of the liner is designed to protect the cargo from dust, moisture, odors, foreign objects, as well as contact with the walls of a container or carriage. Thanks to the protective functions of the packaging, product losses are reduced to a minimum.

Benefits of liner bags

The important advantages of this container include:

Varieties of containers

Our company manufactures liner-bag with several loading methods:

For unloading, vacuum and pneumatic equipment, a straight sleeve, auger, gravity and others are used.

The company offers to buy liner bags of any size at the most optimal prices and on favorable terms. Experienced specialists will select the best packaging design for any cargo.

What are the features of cooperation with us

Our company guarantees you:

Branches of the company are located in many cities of Ukraine. You can contact us using the contacts provided.

Purchase conditions

For an individual order of sewing packaging, the following information is required:

The price of the liner-bag is formed depending on the parameters required by the customer (fabric density, container size, structural elements). The model that meets the requirements of the client, we will sew it according to the individual order. Our managers will provide you with more detailed information.

Inserts forwagons and open wagons

For the safe and convenient transportation of bulk and dangerous goods, so-called big bags have been developed. Their application in the railway sector has brought a lot of useful features to logistics.
This type of container is endowed with many advantages:

Such a container allows you to store cargo for a long period, even in open areas.

Wagon liners for closed wagons

This type of additional inventory is made of plastic tubular film. It is installed in covered wagons in the cargo section for big bags. The thickness of the liner varies depending on the temperature of use. Wagon liners, the price of which is incomparably less than the losses that may be caused by the transportation of unpacked cargo, can be used in different types of wagons. The main purpose is to isolate the interior from the transported bulk material.

As a result of using liners in the carriage , they save from the need to wash and sanitize vehicles. This is especially important for refrigerated cars and thermoses. You can buy carriage liners from us to save money and time on transport handling and downtime. This will entail optimizing the use of the vehicle.

Liners for open wagons

One of the main advantages of using this type of packaging is the possibility of using them for open gondola cars. The shape is slightly different from products for closed cargo spaces, but the main specific characteristics remain the same. Polypropylene will reliably protect bulk cargo from the external environment and deliver it in the same form in which it was loaded. At the request of the customer, we will provide liners of any desired height and thickness.
If necessary, you can additionally purchase a plastic cover.

Transport companies are encouraged to purchase wagon liners in bulk to provide better service to their customers. This approach will significantly improve the reputation of the company, as well as save money on purchasing goods at a wholesale price.

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