Polyethylene liners for big bags

Containers that can withstand a large weight of products are needed to transport bulk cargo. Given that transportation is long, the goods are sent over long distances, the packaging must be strong and resistant to mechanical and physical actions from the outside.

A universal modern way to move loads – big-bag bags, liner-bags, sling-bags. Another name – soft containers, because they are made of polypropylene fabrics with UV stabilization. MK is recognized all over the world as the most economical and convenient way to deliver bulk cargo. And really – their price is low, many variations (we make more than 150 models), delivery across all Ukraine is conducted.

Conditions of transportation dictate the design of the container

Sometimes it is necessary to transport goods in certain temperature conditions. In this case, along with the main bag comes with a case and plastic liners . At the same time the purchase price remains the same low. So what are these inserts?

Moisture resistance of containers is necessary that cargoes at transportation did not get wet and did not spoil. One hundred percent protection from water soft bag can not provide, the material simply does not have such properties. And after all production which is in bags, can be both chemical, and food, construction. In this case, use PE inserts . They are bought in bulk, as well as covers, because it is the most convenient option.

In some cases, the liners and cover come with the bag. For example, when buying a four-foot tape big bag, the case is a mandatory component of the product.

Design of inserts

Each liner is made of hose film. It combines the properties of high and low pressure polyethylene. The film has the ability not to leak.

The film for inserts differs in the thickness. Thus, for small weights of cargo, as well as for low temperatures, a thickness of 60 μm can be used. When the load is delivered longer and weighs more, the ambient temperature is high, thicker, 150 μm bag components are required.

There are also heat-resistant types of inserts. They are needed in order to safely load hot food into the container. Their structure is multilayered, which provides reliable protection of the product inside.

We produce several types of inserts

There are several main purposes of this type of product:

  1. Protect all those who are afraid of moisture products of different consistency;
  2. Reliable protection of all cargo from moisture and dirt;
  3. If liquid is transported in soft containers, the liner does not allow it to leak out of its container while holding;
  4. Prevents air from entering the container freely. This does not provide waterproofing, but creates a natural and correct microclimate.

To reveal all the properties of the product, you need to fix it correctly and evenly. This will ensure its proper operation.

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