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  • Big Bag manufacturer of the best quality polypropylene;
  • We ship orders across Ukraine in 1 working day;
  • We sell more than 150 types of packaging wholesale and retail;
  • More than 1,000,000 units have been shipped on the market in 7 years;
  • Low prices - no intermediaries' markups, directly from the manufacturer.
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Production of Big bags

  • 10
    years experiance
  • 30
    professional factory staff
  • 300+
    satisfied customers
  • 1000+
    we produce polypropylene bags per day


LLC UkrBag

Our company has been on the market of polypropylene containers for more than ten years and has extensive experience in creating reusable polypropylene containers and big bags of various types, as well as special polyethylene liners, which in some cases are necessary for sealing containers.

We produce soft containers for a wide variety of goods. Our products are distinguished by the high quality of polymer threads, from which big bags and containers are made. There is a possibility of producing an inner polyethylene liner, which does not allow moisture, if it gets into the container during transportation, to spoil the products that are transported in this container. For the transportation of dry bulk substances that can be damaged by moisture, we recommend using a Big-Bags with polyethylene inserts and one-sided or double-sided lamination. The composition from which this container or plastic liners are made does not in any way affect the nutritional value of the products.

The design of flexible containers and big bags may differ - in size, shape, presence or absence of an opening with a valve at the bottom of the container to enable prompt unloading (some containers have such an opening, others are simply cut for unloading). Among the products offered to our customers are ordinary containers and containers with sewn-in stabilizers, which give shape to big bags and containers, allowing them to quickly fill during loading and use their volume more efficiently.

The carrying capacity of containers made of polypropylene fabric can be different - from 400 kg (big bags) to three tons (soft liners for containers and wagons). We recommend placing polypropylene liners for containers on special pallets when loading. Loading on pallets is done more quickly, besides, these elements increase the carrying capacity of big bags and inserts. Many types of containers can be used to store goods in the open air. We are ready to discuss with our clients all their needs and make custom-made containers of the required configuration.