Polypropylene bags

The UKRBAG company offers to buy polypropylene bags of various sizes, density and carrying capacity. We have been working in the production of packaging containers made of polypropylene for more than 5 years, therefore we guarantee high quality products, as well as efficiency and timeliness of individual orders. The products comply with international standards for packaging.

Buy polypropylene bags

Polypropylene bag – a type of packaging made of strong polypropylene threads with a variable geometric shape. Polypropylene bags are superior in performance to containers made of paper, matting, burlap, jute.

Among the advantages of polypropylene bags:

Standard polypropylene bags of rectangular format are designed for carrying capacity from 5 to 50 kg or more. Products can be reinforced with a double bottom. The weight of the bag itself depends on the density of the polypropylene.

For tightness and protection of products from moisture, they can be supplemented with a polyethylene liner. The canvas can be laminated on one or two sides to increase rigidity, strength and resistance to the negative influence of environmental factors.

Polypropylene bags are one of the cheapest types of packaging due to the low cost of polypropylene production.

The use of polypropylene bags

The high level of strength against the background of lightness and compactness when folded, made polypropylene bags popular in many industries, trade and in everyday life. Such a container is widely used for packing, storing, carrying and transporting almost any product. Polypropylene packaging can be reused up to 2-3 service cycles.

A polypropylene bag is used for bulk and granular goods (agricultural, chemical products, building materials, etc.). Due to high-quality and environmentally friendly primary raw materials, it can be used for food products (cereals, cereals, flour, sugar, salt, etc.). It is often used for the collection and removal of garbage and construction waste after construction and repair work.

Production of polypropylene bags

UkrBeg offers polypropylene bags and other packaging from the manufacturer. We have a full-cycle production with our own workshops and warehouses, where there is always a large stock of finished products in standard sizes.

We carry out individual orders – we manufacture bags of various dimensions and density according to the client’s requirements. We apply logos and the necessary advertising information, which can be provided by the customer or individually developed by our designers.

The price depends on the size and density of polypropylene bags, as well as the volume of the order. When purchasing in bulk, the unit cost will be cheaper. When ordering products of standard sizes, the goods will be shipped within 24 hours. In the case of individual production or application of logos, the order will be completed quickly, strictly within the agreed time frame.

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