Buy sling bags

A sling bag is a soft polypropylene container designed for transportation and temporary storage of large batches of products that are packaged in small containers (bags).

The UKRBAG company offers to buy sling-bags that fully meet modern requirements for packaging. Our large-sized polypropylene bags reliably keep the cargo during transportation and storage, and also allow you to optimize the cost of handling:

  • save time for loading / unloading cargo (such bags are unfolded in 2-3 minutes), which means they minimize transport downtime;
  • will reduce packaging costs, as they are cheaper than other packaging;
  • will take up less space during transportation than bags with goods without packaging.

Types of sling bags

The sling-bag is made of durable polypropylene fabric and structurally can have different modifications – with an outer cover, loading and unloading hatches, an additional load securing system. Internal polyethylene liners are used to protect the goods from moisture.

The design depends on the intended use and operating conditions:

  • type of product and material of the bag with goods;
  • dimensions and weight of cargo;
  • loading / unloading and transportation technologies.

You can buy a sling-bag for almost all types of bulk and granular food and non-food goods, which are already packed in bags of 25 and 50 kg. For a number of products, such polypropylene containers have become the only type of industrial packaging.

Benefits of sling bags

The high performance characteristics of sling-bags are, first of all, justified by the material of manufacture – high-quality woven polypropylene. The canvas can be laminated on one or two sides. This material also differs from others in its low cost, so the Sling bag is a cheap container that can be used 2-3 times and recyclable.

Sling bags are characterized by:

  • strength – the specified load capacity has a safety margin of 1: 5 and 1: 6;
  • resistance to mechanical damage and friction;
  • tightness, resistance to ultraviolet radiation and temperatures up to 120 ° C;
  • light weight and high carrying capacity up to 2000-2500 kg;
  • environmental friendliness – allowed for the transport of food;
  • compact when folded;
  • easy care – the polypropylene fabric is stain resistant;
  • easy to use – loading, transporting and unloading.

Features of use

The sling jog is easy to unfold at the loading point. To do this, it is necessary to open the side walls. The cargo is loaded to the bottom according to the “bandaging” technology. Further, the walls rise, the bag is laced up. The container is ready for loading and transportation. Loading is possible by both a loader and a crane.

The sling bag keeps its shape, protects the cargo from the influence of environmental factors, bioinfluences (decay), leaks and pollution. Products in such packaging can be stored outdoors.

Sling bags from the manufacturer

The UkrBeg company, as a manufacturer of sling bags, offers to purchase such soft containers of various types, carrying capacity and volume, in small and large wholesale at affordable prices. Due to our own warehouse, where finished products of the most popular size range are stored, the order can be shipped within 24 hours.

Having production facilities with modern equipment, we quickly fulfill orders of non-standard sizes according to customer requirements. It is possible to apply the customer’s logo or emblem to the packaging. If necessary, our designers will individually develop graphic content. The products comply with international regulations for the carriage of goods.