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Looking for effective ways to optimize your manufacturing process? Do you need a strong soft container for transportation and storage of products? You have come to the right address! We offer buy used big bags in Ukraine from a direct manufacturer of products. Our company UkrBag specializes in the manufacture and sale of soft polypropylene containers, made according to standard sizes and individual orders of customers. Call now! In the presence of new big bags and second-hand polypropylene bags with excellent strength and performance characteristics.
we buy and sale used Big-Bags
Features and benefits of flexible containers

Convenient packaging of products, goods, materials is one of the main components of any production process. Saving space during storage and transportation of certain goods contributes to an increase in the volume of cargo transportation and a competent organization of warehouse blocks. Big bag is a soft bag made of durable polypropylene. The container shape can be round or square at the base. We produce bags with handles for easy handling and with inner liners that prevent moisture from entering the package. Used polypropylene bags have indisputable advantages:

By design, the bags are durable soft containers equipped with special loops – slings. They also serve as reliable handles for convenient movement of capacious containers. Manufacturing of flexible containers is carried out using polypropylene fabrics resistant to ultraviolet rays. The bags can be operated over a wide temperature range. Additionally, containers are equipped with covers and liners. Used polypropylene bags are not inferior in strength to new containers and have a long service life.

The containers, which you can purchase from our company, are equipped with strong slings to optimize loading and unloading operations. Depending on the type of activity of the enterprise, you can buy used big bags of various designs and shapes:

Depending on the loading device for filling big bags, the packaging modification is developed taking into account the implementation of specific production tasks.

Sale used BigBags

Every business requires boo big bags with different specifications, capacity and shape. The modification of our containers differs in several ways:

In addition, used soft containers are different in density and level of rigidity of polypropylene threads. Type of slings – built-in, tape, rope. Used packaging modifications are varied and depend on the purpose of the container, loading equipment and product filling big bags. Single-loop products have the simplest design. Two-loop models are distinguished by a tunnel arrangement of slings, and four-loop bags are additionally equipped with open lapels, upper valves for loading or lower ones for unloading.

Where to buy used bags

You can buy used bags in Ukraine of any design in our company. We guarantee high quality packaging and the most attractive prices for all product categories. Before selling containers, we test bags for strength and compliance with technical and operational characteristics. Used products are practically not inferior to new big bags, but they are much cheaper. If you need quality packaging at a bargain price, there is no better option:

We offer profitable cooperation, we work on individual orders, we always have the goods in stock. Contact us! We will deliver consignments of high-quality flexible containers quickly to anywhere in the country!

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